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November 1, 2022503 min

Lee Chan Won , a singer, publicly stated that he wasn’t going to sing in order to mourn the horrific incident in Itaewon, but the audience who stormed the stage attacked him. It is unknown whether Lee Chan Won will take legal action.

On Halloween, an estimated 100 million people gathered in Itaewon to mark the occasion. People became stuck in the middle of a crowd spike in a side hallway during the events. Numerous people began to suffocate and experience severe cardiac arrest, with 154 lives lost and another 149 injuries sustained.

lee chan won

On October 30, 2022, one day after the tragic accident, a picnic festival was held in Jeonnam. Lee Chan Won, a trot singer, was set to perform at the first Theme Park Autumn Picnic Festival. Lee Chan Won chose not to do the at the festival because the country is for now in shock and grief.

His mangers informed the organizers of the decision, and Lee Chan Won also informed his fans via his official fancafé. He also asked that those attending the festival discourage people from applauding or chanting for him.

Lee Chan Won apologized to the audience again after coming on stage at the music event. The audience remained dissatisfied with his lackluster performance and shouted down him. One audience member even ran up to Lee Chan Won as he dropped the stage and verbally abused him. The man also tried to grab Lee Chan Won’s manager by the collar and began a violent confrontation with him.


Due to album release delays and concert cancellations, the music industry is in deep sorrow.

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