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November 5, 2022385 min

Korean pop stars have continued to mourn the Itaewon tragedy by wearing all black at Incheon Airport. Stars such as Kwon Eun Bi, The Boyz, Park Eun Bin, Wei, and others were spotted at the airport as they continued their international travels. In light of the recent Itaewon tragedy, these artists were seen in a more heartfelt mood, wearing black clothing.

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Even celebrities who were leaving the country paid tribute to the Itaewon crush victims. They dressed mournfully rather than stylishly, in dark or black and white outfits.

Many Korean stars are still participating in the Itaewon tragedy, which happened on October 29 and resulted in 156 deaths. As of 11 a.m. on November 4, 156 people (130 Koreans and 26 foreigners) had been killed on the spot, and 191 people (33 with serious injuries and 158 with minor injuries) had been injured.

On November 4, Park Eun Bin was seen leaving for Bangkok, Thailand, for her Asian fan meeting tour. At the airport, the actress was seen wearing all black and quietly bowing her head instead of cheerfully waving her hands. Park Eun Bin appeared that day wearing a mask, black tights, a dark navy sweater, and a black shirt underneath, all while conveying a calm attitude.

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Apart from usual, the diva hurried to the departure hall as soon as she stepped out of the car. Except for a light bow and hand bow as she passed through the street, she made almost no gestures towards the media people. This plan had earlier been agreed upon with Park Eun Bin’s agency, so dozens of media people who waited at the airport were asked to cooperate while taking photographs.

WEi members were also spotted dressed in black and looking heartfelt. They were spotted at the airport on November 3rd, on their way to Osaka, Japan.

On November 3, when they headed out to San Francisco for their world tour ‘ATEEZ WORLD TOUR [THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL],’ ATEEZ members were also spotted wearing darker-colored outfits, with the majority of the members dressed black.

The Boyz also appeared wearing black at the airport on November 2 at the Incheon International airport, on their way to Tokyo, Japan, for the ‘THE BOYZ JAPAN TOU: THE B-ZONE.’

Itaewon tragedy

Kwon Eun Bi, a solo singer, was spotted wearing a black dress with a black jacket as she travelled to Japan on November 2 for her first solo fan meeting.

Kim Se Jeong took off from Incheon International Airport on March 3rd for Jakarta, Indonesia. The actress will attend her first overseas fan meeting, which will take place in Jakarta.

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