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November 6, 2022335 min

Park Myung Soo, a comedian, recently published a teaser video on his YouTube channel, Hal Myung Soo, revealing that BTS’s Jin would appear in the next episode. The teaser alone drew a lot of attention from fans all over the world, as he has been going to make surprise appearances on multiple shows.

He’s also going to live up to his title of “worldwide handsome,” as he demonstrated his flawless appearance once more.

Park Myung Soo

We love seeing more from BTS, and this time Jin even mentioned that he will be going live on a YouTube channel. Fans began to suspect because they couldn’t wait to see their favorite Jin.

Jin aka Kim Seok-jin of the K-pop supergroup BTS has reportedly decided to submit his notice to cancel his military postponement. According to sources, he has requested that South Korea’s Military Manpower Administration (MMA) cancel his plea to postpone his mandatory military service until December 31, 2022.

According to the Yonhap news agency, Big Hit Music has confirmed that all seven members of the boy band intend to serve in the military. The BTS member has now withdrawn his request to be relieved from military service.

Jin, who recently posted his notice to withdraw his military delay, will now be called to serve in the military shortly. Jin has been filming various contents for fans in preparation for his national service.

Fans couldn’t possess their enthusiasm for this episode, either!

Park Myung Soo

He will also show up on today’s episode of SBS’s Running Man, which was previously slated but was pushed back due to the Itaewon tragedy. Jin, on the other side, will make an appearance on Hal Myung Soo on November 6 at 5:30 PM KST.

The announcement was also posted on social media, bringing more enthusiasm and joy to fans. Being one of the biggest stars to appear on Park Myunh Soo’s channel, Jin has increased much excitement.

Fans are now ecstatic and have begun to share the news on various platforms of social media and online communities, where they have been able to post their reactions to the news. “I can’t believe it’s true!” they exclaimed. “I can’t wait to see the new episode,” says one. “He’s both handsome and adorable,” “This is insane,” “Wow, wow, wow,” he exclaimed. “This is so cute,” “It’s unbelievable that Big star Jin is coming, “This is crazy”, fans are in awe can it be real??

This is definitely going to be a fun episode!

Stay Tuned For More.

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