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November 9, 2022385 min

Park Min Young and Go Kyung Pyo’s romance is in full swing on tvN’s “Love in Contract”. “Love in Contract” is a romantic comedy about a service that offers fake brides to single people who need partners for social events such as school reunions and dinners for husbands and wives.

Park Min Young plays professional fake wife Choi Sang Eun, who is torn between her long-term customer Jung Ji Ho (Go Kyung Pyo), with whom she has a long-term exclusive agreement for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and newbie Kang Hae Jin (Kim Jae Young), an A-list hero who would like to sign a deal with her for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Thursdays.

The smitten couple can’t hide their love in recently released stills from the drama’s next scene, as they stare lovingly at one another. The stare in their eyes and the relaxed, comforting atmosphere as Choi Sang Eun takes Jung Ji Ho’s neck in her hands show how deeply they value one another.

Love In Contract

Choi Sang Eun (Park Min Young) is unquestionably appealing, competent, and charismatic, and she embodies the ideal partner. This is why, rather than getting married, she opts to use her skills as a contract marriage supervisor. Sang Eun transforms herself into the ideal partner for each of her clients, allowing those who use her services to live the ideal single life without having to be connected to a committed, life-long relationship.

Jung Ji Ho (Jin Kyung) had a serious talk with Yoo Mi Ho (Jin Kyung) in the previous episode after discovering that she was Choi Sang Eun’s biological mother. Jung Ji Ho asked Yoo Mi Ho to personally expose the truth to Choi Sang Eun and apologise for her misconducts, but Yoo Mi Ho denied, saying she couldn’t suffer inflicting more emotional wounds on her daughter.

Besides this, after their contract expired, Jung Ji Ho and Choi Sang Eun continued to grow closer as a real couple.

“Love in Contract,” a 2022 South Korean romantic drama directed by Nam Sung Woo, is an intriguing take on relationships and romance.

Love In Contract

Tune in to the final episodes of “Love in Contract” to catch out if Jung Ji Ho and Choi Sang Eun can put their pasts behind them and start a real marital relationship.

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