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November 18, 20222134 min

PURPLE KISS member Park Ji Eun left the group on November 18, according to RBW. The agency attributed the artist’s departure from the group due to medical conditions. The agency made the announcement on PUPLE KISS’s fan cafe on this day and the following message was included:

Hello. My name is RBW.

First and foremost, we would like to say sorry to PURPLE KISS fans for the unexpected news.

PURPLE KISS has decided to part ways with Park Ji Eun. Park Ji Eun, who recently visited the hospital because of ongoing poor health and anxiety symptoms, was told to rest in order to gain stability by a specialist.


All through PURPLE KISS’s activity break, we mentioned various options for group activities and future career opportunities with Park Ji Eun. After much deliberation, it was decided that Park Ji Eun’s involvement with PURPLE KISS would come to an end. As a result, Park Ji Eun’s events as a member of PURPLE KISS will end today (November 18), and PURPLE KISS will continue promotions as 6-members.

We offer an apology for worrying fans and wish Park Ji Eun a fast recovery and the best of luck with her future plans. We ask that fans keep supporting Park Ji Eun in her action, as well as the six members of PURPLE KISS as they continue their projects.

Thank you very much.

Park Ji Eun also wrote a handwritten note to fans, saying sorry for the unexpected news and requesting that they not be concerned about her wellbeing.

She expressed her respect to PLORY (PURPLE KISS’ fanbase) in it and requested fans not to be concerned about her health.

“After much thought, I concluded my activities [with] PURPLE KISS and chose to follow a different path as Park Ji-eun, not as [a member] of PURPLE KISS,” Park wrote in her note, according to SpoTV News. “I keep hoping you will look at my progress with fondness.”


In the meantime, RBW’s PURPLE KISS made their debut in March 2021 as a 7-member girl group with their first mini album ‘Into Violet.’ Months leading up to her separation, the rookie girl team launched their fourth mini-album ‘Geekyland,’ which featured the title track ‘Nerdy.’

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