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December 15, 2022506 min

Sullyoon of NMIXX is nowadays the topic of conversation on online K-Pop communities following the discovery of an alleged “private Twitter” account on various social platforms. As per online communities, some believe the following account is Sullyoon’s “private Twitter” account: The profile, whose username was changed some weeks back, is reported to have been “active” in the past as a fan account for YOUNITE member Kyungmun, generating more attention among internet users.

The “proof” that the above account is from to Sullyoon is based on a photo Sullyoon awhile back sent via Bubble.

Sullyoon can be seen in the photo having dinner with friends and taking a “manner shot” before having eaten. The idol stated that she was holding a photo of STAYC’s Isa when one of her friends kept up a photo of her.


Sullyoon have sent above photo to fans via Bubble, and Twitter users found an individual who was thought to be one of the friends Sullyoon was with during the dinner.

This person, now known as “Rong” by internet users, is reported to have been “K-Pop stan” friends with Sullyoon since before NMIXX’s debut. Several rumors about Sullyoon’s relationship with “Rong” are currently circulating, such as “Rong” selling multiple unreleased, did sign polaroid photos of Sullyoon for a steep cost, or “Rong” exposing Sullyoon’s historical performance as a fan of YOUNITE’s Kyungmun. In the meantime, “Rong” is also mutual with the Twitter account that is claimed to be Sullyoon’s “private Twitter”.

The same profile (which previously was using a username thought to be formed of YOUNITE member Kyungmun’s birthday) was also spotted having shared the following post in November:

“I’m going to make some more and post them on Bubble the day before the CSATs…”

Sullyoon posted a photo of knitted four-leaf clovers on Bubble shortly after, writing, These are the ones I’ve created thus far. Formerly, I planned to send the photo the day prior to the exam as a good luck charm for everyone taking the CSAT. But for now, I’ll just display you a few of them…”

Sullyoon did send a picture of the four-leaf clover charms the day before the CSAT.


Relying on the foregoing, various other rumors have started to circulate online, such as Sullyoon dating YOUNITE’s Kyungmun.

In the meantime, some internet users posted a comment, “Wow, an idol who used to be a total K-Pop stan on Twitter, and one who is still busy on that Twitter…”, “It’s not merely that Sullyoon has done anything wrong, but the reality that she chose to give her those signed polaroids and Rong just sold them… that’s just sort of a turn off,” and “Now I do not even know what to believe.

“What took place to the mysterious charm of Big 3 agency idols…??” “As early as I got to hear Sullyoon was on Twitter some time ago, I knew something was going to blow up”, “I seemed to have no idea Sullyoon was THAT kind of mega stan…”, and so on.

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