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December 20, 2022644 min

The label of actress Kim Go Eun has denied rumors that she is dating soccer player Son Heung Min. Rumors started to circulate awhile back that Kim Go Eun and Son Heung Min are dating, owing to rumor about the actress’ private Instagram account following the Korean national team captain’s account. Netizens also claimed that Kim Go Eun’s Instagram Stories expressed support for Korea during the ‘FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022,’ and that Kim Go Eun’s label head is a fan of Son Heung Min and Tottenham Hotspur.

Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun’s agency made clear on December 20th, “The dating rumors are false. They’ve never met before. She’s always been encouraging, notably during the World Cup.”

Jang Hui Ryoung, an actress, then posted the screenshot below, clarifying that the account is not Kim Go Eun’s personal account, but her own.

Kim Go Eun

In other news, Kim Go Eun will appear in the new movie ‘Hero,’ which will be released in theatres on December 21 KST. Son Heung Min led the Korean national team to victory in the World Cup in Qatar. Kim Go Eun is currently preparing for the release of her film “Hero,” which will be released in theatres on December 21.

Netizens said: “Whoever hacked her account needs to get a life.”

You really don’t have time to “speculate” that much Lmao Nonsense! Why would she not support the Korean football team? During the World Cup, everyone cheers for their country! People who don’t have jobs, I wonder where they would have found the time. She’d recently finished filming a slew of series.

They would have been dating. They do, however, make an excellent couple.

I’m not surprised Son is connected to so many people. She isn’t the only one. It’s simply not feasible given that he primarily resides in the United Kingdom. Netizens with unrealistic expectations.

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